Continuing Education Program


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B/D Solutions focuses on helping brokerage firms and banks plan and implement meaningful Continuing Education Programs (CEP).  We do not create, publish or distribute proprietary CEP material, so we won’t try to sell you booklets, CD’s, or other materials.

B/D Solutions believes that a CEP can be a useful and effective tool in developing and communicating your corporate strategy. If designed properly, regulatory requirements and expenses can be turned into beneficial communication tools for your firm. Many times, we are able to document and formalize organizational information and training materials currently in use to meet CEP requirements.

B/D Solutions provides the following Continuing Education Services:

  • Conduct the Annual CE Needs Assessment
    • Review prior year’s CEP effectiveness
    • Evaluate current year needs and trends
    • Anticipate future potential issues
  • Develop a Current Year Continuing Education Plan
    • Define purpose and scope
    • Identify target CEP segment
    • Select specific topics
    • Create timetable for implementation
    • Develop a system for documentation and record keeping
  • Create Customized Continuing Education Programs
    • Design large group discussion & training sessions
    • Establish Branch Manager and OSJ Manager training programs
    • Create seminar and conference workshops and round tables
    • Develop lunchtime CE programs for small and/or limited scope B/D’s